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02-19-17  carib

Oval Office meetings are conducted with the television still blaring and the president frequently distracted, Mr Trump’s attention span rarely extends beyond a few minutes, and briefing papers are restricted to a few bullet points (preferably illustrated).

(from the naughty press, of course)

02-19-17  carib

interesting energy numbers..

02-19-17  ruspan

Old story still warms you, but we are in diff moment. Gnoe is leaving the helm.

02-19-17  carib

being dysfunctional and blind.. led to USSR collapse, indeed.

02-19-17  ruspan

I guess he has no similar problem because russian state works - better then Gnoe in this particular case.
A president who can not believe his own intel is clearly disfunccional and blind, and so is his country.

02-19-17  carib

Putin has no similar problem, being FSB himself.


02-19-17  ruspan

Good cop, bad cop...
Both busy fighting the most powerful secret service...
Their own :-)

02-19-17  pillz

iv gives you important directional clues, you SHOULD look at iv


if I look at iv, for some M@A play , I would need to buy , and not to sell... , but for now I am short and up big way ..

as I said I am in high iv when I have a good feeling like UVXY, SCO, JNUC etc...

02-19-17  amigo-latino

Is Danni(and other Colores who are reputed to have iron balls) in the video¡?

_Balls of steel’: Kung Fu master demonstrates power of his crotch in nut-cracking video

02-19-17  wally

bi-polar administration?
talk is cheap. Pence, Trump, Obama, Hillary... no difference!

02-19-17  panasonic

30 Tons of bolos...must be to build walls, cheaper than bricks :-))

02-19-17  panasonic

Carib, or whatever....Pdvsa '35 looks cheap in the curve
same as Pdvsa '26

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