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05-09-21  spal

prince's kiss to sleeping snow white is not consensual


That's nothing compared to what the dwarves were up to ...

05-08-21  savo

spal.. they are cancelling Snow white because the prince's kiss to sleeping snow white is not consensual !!!!

05-08-21  carib

la speranza e' l'ultima a morire..

05-08-21  Merlino

I agree Savo...lets say I am trying to keep some small piece of faith alive

05-08-21  savo

merlino.. the US government has been taken over by different gangs... hedge funds.. frackers... lawyers specializing in sanctions that nobody can read or understand... etc..

Biden should have removed sanctions on veni as a country in one scoop for the simpl reason that they are ineffective and punish the wrong people... the moment you start "reviewing" sanctions you start an endless debate with lawyers and opposing groups who use a legal lingo that no normal person can understand, least of all a Finance guy like Adeyemo.

05-08-21  Merlino

Savo...Yes...however lets hope too much is too much and they correct some excesses

Banks Seek Biden’s Aid After Trump’s 1,000-Sanctions-a-Year Pace Treasury review to determine cost of sanctions for economy Review expected to be complete in summer, official says

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