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07-30-21  patient-trader

Pax, "Afghans" thanks. Will keep me out of trouble on my next Kabul trip :-)

07-29-21  amigo-latino

_Prime Minister Imran Khan has slammed the US for making a scapegoat of Pakistan for its own failures in Afghanistan.

Khan made a scathing attack on the US while talking to a delegation of journalists from Afghanistan who were on a visit to Pakistan under a programme organised by the Pak-Afghan Youth Forum in Islamabad.

"The reason why 150,000 NATO troops, the greatest military machine in the history of mankind, did not succeed in Afghanistan has got nothing to do with Pakistan. This is exactly what the Americans did in Vietnam - when they failed in Vietnam they blamed some insurgents from Cambodia, Laos and they actually bombed Cambodia and completely de-stabilised the country. But it still didn't make any difference", Khan added.

Replying to queries if the US will be allowed to use Pakistani soil for its operations in Afghanistan, the PM said, "My question is -- what will the Americans achieve operating from Pakistan that they could not achieve after 20 years of operating from Afghanistan? All it will do is involve Pakistan in a conflict which Pakistan has nothing to do with. We have lost 70,000 Pakistani people and 150 billion US dollars while fighting the US War on Terror. We see absolutely no reason for the US to operate from within Pakistan".
Khan was also asked as to why Pakistan is not initiating action against pro-Taliban forces within the country............

Imran Khan is ornamental PM without real powers. Real powers lie with the Pak military.
They have solid relations with the US establishment and CIA.

07-29-21  amigo-latino

Humanitarian aid vs "inhumane" sanctions
_President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has scoffed at the notion that Mexico should honor a US-imposed embargo on Cuba, as his country sends aid to the island in defiance of Washington’s suffocating economic restrictions.
‘Shameful’: Mexico’s president vows probe into allegations Pegasus malware used by previous govt to spy on him and dozens more‘Shameful’: Mexico’s president vows probe into allegations Pegasus malware used by previous govt to spy on him and dozens more
Defending his decision to fuel shipments and other humanitarian aid to Cuba, Obrador said on Tuesday that US sanctions on the socialist state were “inhumane,” and that “independent” Mexico was well within its rights to defy the unilaterally imposed embargo.

Earlier this week, a Mexican cargo ship loaded with 100,000 barrels of diesel fuel set sail for Cuba. The Mexican government said the fuel would be used to provide power for Cuban hospitals.

Two additional vessels loaded with medical supplies and food embarked in the following days. Mexico’s Foreign Ministry described the shipments as humanitarian assistance aimed at helping Cuba overcome the coronavirus pandemic.

Washington has tried to penalize ships that deliver goods to Cuba by preventing them from docking later at US ports, Obrador noted. The rule is one of the main ways the US enforces its embargo.

The US government has ratcheted up sanctions aimed at some Cuban officials accused of human rights abuses following anti-government protests in the country earlier this month.

Mexico isn’t the only country that has openly bypassed Washington’s economic restrictions. On Saturday, Russia sent a large shipment of food and medical supplies to the island. Cuba’s trade minister applauded the move, tweeting: “We are not alone.” _

07-29-21  paxwax

For your information, the people of Afghanistan are Afghans, in English. If you want to know the price of something, that's when you use afghani: "chand afghani" in impeccable Persian, as was pointed out to me on my voyages there . Just to make sure my memory wasn't failing me, I did look it up and confirmed it.

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