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08-15-20  Alex

You respect them
I don't

08-15-20  ruspan

Alex: We all respect the sacred will of .. hmm. American People.

08-15-20  Alex

Good chance Kamala might be President.

Comrades Putin and XI love this.

08-15-20  ruspan

Seattle BLM protesters demand white people ‘give up’ their homes

Kamala Harris: Our Ticket Can Say ‘Black Lives Matter’ While Trump Is ‘Sowing Hate’


08-14-20  ruspan

Alex: Nothing new.

08-14-20  Alex

More US messing

08-14-20  ruspan

Freedom fighters in Minsk? Wait! :-)

08-14-20  ruspan

08-14-20  ruspan

Carib: He may well have won - it is absolutely irrelevant now.
The Technology is prooven, the situation is good (COVId, as everywhere plus too many years of the same), the prise is another 400 kms closer to Moskow.
There will be a fight, elections or not.

08-14-20  ruspan

Carib: :-) I recall my friend´s mother, a Countess " son, it is impossible that PSOE could have won this elections: I know nobody who voted them :-)

08-14-20  ruspan

Ukranians posted this for Bielorussian collegues.

08-14-20  carib

“It’s clear to absolutely everyone that Lukashenko didn’t win these elections,” says Ilya, a 33-year old from Minsk. “And it seems like there are two ways things can develop. Either the people will win. Or Europe will have its own North Korea.”

08-14-20  ruspan

Carib: I recall my wife´s cousin crying on phone about beaten "students in Kiev": just a few weeks later she was fairly calm over women shredded by Ukranian bombs in Lugansk and people killed in Odessa.
I know her since childhood, so it was a good lesson on human perception.

08-14-20  ruspan

Carib: Those tear shedding stories are repeated (together with tear shedding images) one time after another, country after country - it is just an instrument.
It looks like emotions block brain, and qualified people uses it in spite of the repetition.

Of course there is some violence in Belarus now, not comparable to US or Ukraine yet.

Funny thing is that Lukashenko have turned to the west not long ago (same as Yanukovich, before the coup) - to no avail.

And, same as in Ukraine there is no pro - russian party or politicians - one is inprizoned, other exiled.

So... who´s boy is being toppled now is not really clear.
And does not really matter.

08-14-20  carib

News from Minsk:

Yaroslav Poposhnikov, a 38 year-old engineer, said the guards forced detainees to lie down, hit their arms and legs with batons and made them do 100 squats, adding that those who did not comply were beaten again. The guards shouted, “You wanted regime change and democracy? Here you go!” as they landed blows, he said.

Alexander Fruman, an Israeli data scientist on holiday in Minsk, said he was arrested for taking a picture of a bus during the protests. He was then beaten and subjected to anti-Semitic insults when he asked to contact the Israeli embassy, he added.

Many of those arrested were not even protesters, he explained. “One said he just went out to buy bread. They beat a 60-year-old man because he had Belarusian embroidery on his cap. When they knocked a guy off his bike and started beating him, he yelled, ‘I voted for Lukashenko!’”

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