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05-25-19  savo

carib.. that is your answer....yo know now where the power is.

Explains the US misconception...this is the territorial occupation of the Venezuelan territory by a criminal association of various foreign parties... something that never happened before... but had been tried many times.

05-25-19  carib

Venezuela ha aumentado el suministro de petróleo a Cuba unas cuatro veces en mayo, ante las sanciones de Estados Unidos que limitan las exportaciones a otros países, de acuerdo con documentos de Pdvsa consultados por S&P Global Platts el jueves.

05-25-19  savo

for a non interventionist... he is moving fast in the Persian Golf...

I do not think Trump is not an is simply that in the veni case all he wanted was to score some easy points with the Floridan electorate... that didn´t work .. his attention moved somewhere else...

05-25-19  Alex



05-25-19  amigo-latino

_Donald is anti interventionist_

Nobel Committee should take back the peace prize they gave to Obama, and give to Trump.

05-25-19  amigo-latino

_Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro reportedly might soon replace Defense Minister Gen. Vladimir Padrino Lopez with Gen. Alexis Rodriguez_

Very likely fake news.
The issue of replacing Padrino is very delicate, and the issue will not be discussed with sources that go around telling the whole world about it.

The Opposition and the US seem to be bent on creating suspicions and divisions between Maduro and Padrino. They decided that Padrino is key to Maduro' survival.

They are doing their level best to cause a split.

05-24-19  panasonic

me wonder if this is true?

05-24-19  panasonic

Padrino is the one in contact with Moscow...not Diosdy
most probably fake news.

05-24-19  carib

PS: I confess ignorance concerning the real power ranking amongst the various capo-regimes of the very narco-gang.

05-24-19  carib

If Maduro tries to replace Padrino.. that might cause change.
Al Sisi deposed the president of Egypt when he heard he was about to be demoted.

05-24-19  savo

i think Padrino is one more decorative figure... the power is somewhere else...

05-24-19  panasonic

5Kb..interesting if would replace gets smaller

05-24-19  5000bath

ok he was talking about 4G. :~)
Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has announced an "immediate investment" in the Huawei company, accused by the United States of spying for China. Its purpose is for the Chinese company to help Venezuela install 4G mobile network technology, which for now works intermittently in the main cities of the oil country.
"I have ordered an immediate investment together with our Chinese brothers, and the technology of China, the technology of Huawei, ZTE, and all the Chinese companies and all the Russian companies, for us to raise the capabilities of the entire communications system and make the 4G system a reality," said Maduro during an act with the military in Caracas. ....

05-24-19  5000bath

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro reportedly might soon replace Defense Minister Gen. Vladimir Padrino Lopez with Gen. Alexis Rodriguez, a military official loyal to Diosdado Cabello, a leading figure in Venezuela's United Socialist Party, El Cooperante reported May 23.

it's An effort by the Maduro government to remove Padrino Lopez from the helm of the Defense Ministry risks sparking another attempt at overthrowing Maduro.

Background: Padrino Lopez reportedly participated in an April 30 attempt to overthrow Maduro yet Venezuela's president has thus far not replaced Padrino Lopez, casting doubt on the extent of Maduro's authority over the country's political landscape.

maduro announced today he will stick tu huawei Technology and intensify develompent of Internet infrastructure from huawei.
it's the ideal Technology to control waht citizens ared doing online.

05-24-19  Alex

Donald is anti interventionist

Was against the Iraq war back then.

05-24-19  savo

alex... even so... one should imagine that the US has the military might to deal with Diosdado´s paramilitary without too much sweat... this is not Afghanistan..there is no religion war here ... but a narco terrorist mob exterminating the population of venezuela...

05-24-19  leopardo

Remember's now in default bonds from 80 to 20 in a matter of days...

05-24-19  pillz

it looks like it follow the crude price, but I bought more at 102

05-24-19  Werther

Pillz, FANG lost 10% in 3 days. Is that a buy here or more negatives looming?
101.90-1.94 (-1.87%)

05-24-19  Alex

If you look at a geographical map, you might find that Venezuela is a little larger than Grenada.

05-24-19  panasonic

as if narcos care

05-24-19  savo

the only guy calling things by their name is Senator Scott.

05-24-19  savo

amigo.. that would require a statesman in the white house... not an opportunist.

05-24-19  amigo-latino

Still hope for those who want US boots on Vene soil

_WASHINGTON - US President Donald Trump needs to warn Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to leave office or face a US military invasion similar to the 1983 invasion of Grenada ordered by former President Ronald Reagan, Senator Lindsey Graham said in a press release.

"In the 1980s, confronted with Cuban intervention in Grenada, President Reagan intervened militarily, ensuring Grenada didn’t become a satellite state of Cuba", Graham said on Thursday. "The United States must be willing to intervene in Venezuela the way we did in Grenada".

Graham said if Trump put both Cuba and Maduro on notice, it would send a clear message to dictators and despots that the United States means what it says_

05-24-19  amigo-latino

Bloomberg Vene Bond Prices

My speculation(speculation) is that the Bloomberg Vene prices may reflect prices of Vene bond trades
among hedge funds and bond funds. Those trades have always been off the exchanges.

Any of getting info from Bloomberg as to the source?

05-24-19  savo

amigo.. i think that not even in that case Trump will pull the trigger...

One wonders how is it possible that a country with all the resources.. all the intelligence... all the technology ..etc... can do things so wrong.

05-24-19  savo

leo.. norway is a farce... no doubt... but shows the fundamental misconception of the peace-mongers of this world...

the veni case is unique... peace agreements are usually brokered between a legal government and an illegal challenge coming from some violent group...ETA, Cataluña, Farc, Shinning Path, Tupamaros, ERP... etc...

Veni is the other way around... the illegal part is the government and it is the one exercising the violence... the legal part is the challenger... who is not exercising the violence...

Why would the guy that is in charge and armed up to his teeth cede power to the unarmed challenger?

05-24-19  patient-trader

Savo, the biggest human tragedy for US presidents is high gas prices at US petrol stations. Problem being, Veni production has become small and irrelevant. Only some big oil price tightening would put some urgency into this.

05-24-19  leopardo

Savo Norway a farce...Guaido' is out of more negotiations as Maduro rejected elections...

05-24-19  Alex

Exactly savo

05-24-19  savo

leo.. sorry but i disagree... the world has decided that there is no amount of human suffering in Venezuela that justifies military intervention... every time a foreign government... Costa Rica yesterday.. says that it opposes military intervention... it undermines Guaido´s position and strengthens Maduro´s...

Look where we are now... in Norway (!!) ...Do you really believe that those 2 Rodriguez there have any real mandate or authority to negotiate anything?

This transcends Maduro...Padrino...or the FANB... there is a criminal association between China, Russia, Hezbollah, Turkish fundamentalists, Colombian narcos..Colombian Terrorists...etc.. that have managed to get hold of a vast and rich territory in Latam... and whose representative is Diosdado and his paramilitary armed up to their teeth.

Nothing will change with Clap or without Clap...

05-24-19  leopardo

Sanctions on Clap are coming...when Masduro won't be able to feed the people he won't be able to stay where he is...

05-24-19  panasonic

leo, problem is spread...they buy at 15 and sell at 25

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