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08-21-19  pillz

US and Venezuelan presidents confirm high-level talks

The US and Venezuelan presidents have confirmed that high-ranking officials from their respective governments are engaged in talks to resolve the Latin American country’s long-running political crisis.

08-20-19  panasonic

and they key seems to be here...frackers need high oil prices.

08-20-19  panasonic

5KB ... Pompeo went to Moscow and returned
hands empty..Moscow can wait till 2020 or
2024...Veni es trapped in hamster wheel:-(

08-20-19  5000bath

imho good FT is featuring the topic
US sanctions are worsening Venezuela’s agony
Ending the suffering needs broad diplomatic push and engagement with Russia and China
The Trump administration believes that by choking Venezuela’s economy harder Mr Maduro can be ejected. The remedy is not working

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The key to ending the agony lies in a much broader diplomatic effort. EU and Latin American nations have brokered talks between the government and opposition, but these have failed because Mr Maduro’s key backers — Cuba, Russia and China — are missing. All have significant economic interests in Venezuela and are suspicious of western-led regime change which could cost them their investments. Russia may have mischievous geopolitical designs of its own on Venezuela. But as long as Moscow, Beijing and Havana have nothing to gain from Mr Maduro leaving power, they will continue to back him. Broad international talks to negotiate Mr Maduro’s exit to a third country, installation of a respected interim president, equal treatment of all creditors and fresh elections are the way forward. This will not be popular with some in Washington. But the Venezuelan people’s suffering is rapidly worsening. The refugee outflow is straining neighbouring countries to the limit and risks destabilising parts of South America. Russian president Vladimir Putin suggested to this newspaper in July that Moscow’s interests in Venezuela were purely commercial and vowed that if Mr Guaidó won an election, the Kremlin would work with him. That pledge should be put to the test.

08-20-19  pillz

Trade optimism
Rate cut hopes
Yield curve jitters
Stimulus expectations

Remember when markets traded on earnings expectations?

08-20-19  spal

Hercules Capital, Inc. Common Stock
NYSE : HTGCOption Chain


Catching a bid ... I use these things as banks ... parking cash for yield as I chase Rats and Mice around ...

08-20-19  spal

Prophets of Rage - Unfuck The World

... playing now in Schpal-landia ... as rats and mice dance ...

08-20-19  spal

Most Schpal rats and mice still scrambling up the greasy market pole while big dogs tread water ... fake news and rumors of fake news ...

08-20-19  spal

PERI and APPS - still levitating despite lukewarm market backdrop ... both likely double figures by 2020 if market holds.

08-20-19  pillz

Germany, where banks are preparing mortgage loans with negative interest rates for their retail customers. 10y German mortgage-backed bond yields (German 10y Pfandbrief yields) are falling further and further into negative territory and are now at -0.26%.

08-20-19  pillz

Ouch! German real estate comp Deutsche Wohnen plunges <30 Euro as #Germany's Constitutional Court confirms a 2015 law aimed at limiting rent increases, known as "rent brake," citing public interest to protect low-income residents from being pushed out of cities.

08-20-19  panasonic

things are Cook-ing well for Trump

08-20-19  panasonic

Pilly, talking can be extended forever...2020 is key,
Trump may repeat or may not...narcos can wait.

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