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08-14-20  ruspan

08-14-20  ruspan

Carib: It is already confirmed that it works, the unknown part is possible complications. I also wish them success, obviously.

08-14-20  carib

I hope the rassian vaccine works fine... and other follow.
I am grateful towards the volunteers who are submitting to tests.

08-14-20  ruspan

BTW - there are other active vaccine projects in Ru, and also they have an agreement and facilities prepared to manufacture Aztre - Zeneca one once it appear.
Resuming, looks like quite a prudent approach overal.

08-14-20  ruspan

Amigo: That was my calculation - however, even if (worst case) side effects would kill and maim same qty of volunteers, there will be additional benefit of stopping the spread through them (geometrical!) that might compensate it.
So - I understand it as a calculated bet against established rigid and long procedure of certification: I understand it is also necesary, but flexibility can pay big way if one calculates well.
I know the certification procedure for airplanes, (not the Boening one, the real one :-) ) and it must be similar.

08-14-20  amigo-latino

Ruspan, correct.

Would the front-line healthcare workers be better off after receiving the vaccine , or, without vaccination?

If no one experienced any side-effects in Phase 2 testing, a reasonable speculation would be the vaccine is quite safe.

08-14-20  ruspan

Spaldo: Well this is not a surprise :-) Funny to read all those articles.

08-14-20  spaldo

argumentative barriers to rule out the use of Russian vaccination anyway...

08-14-20  ruspan

Spaldo: I do not understand all the fuss about this vaccine.
As far as I understand it needs "phase 3" testing on some tens of thousands, same as its western competitors.
The vesterners will (or are already?) perform those tests on some 30000 volonteers.
The Russians will do the same, with a difference that the volonteers will be selected between high risk people like doctors.
Unknown qty of this high risk people will anyway fell sick, die or will have sequels of Covid.
During the tests apparently all 30000 wil very significantly reduce their risk to fell ill but will risk the unknown complications from the vaccine.
In the west their collegues apparently will have mostly the risks, as chances to fell ill of a general populationare far lower.
So, by now it looks like a net benefit in human lives and health.

08-14-20  ruspan


Keep fighting yourself, it is fun to watch :-)

08-14-20  spaldo

August 13, 2020 COVID-19
Sputnik V: The Geopolitics Surrounding Russia's Coronavirus Vaccine

This coronavirus vaccine bid is Russia’s effort to establish leadership of a middle group of nations who want to avoid the binary choice of Washington or Beijing—and is part of Putin’s efforts to retain a global leadership role for himself.
by Nikolas K. Gvosdev

08-14-20  victor


08-14-20  victor

ruspan, very nice role model

"Hay una Europa fiel a sus raíces. Que no se arrodilla ante la dictadura progre", escribe la dirigente al compartir la grabación xenófoba del nacionalismo polaco, que posteriormente borró

08-14-20  victor

ruspan, one of your leaders:

rocio is a vox vp + member of congress

Rocío de Meer, la diputada de Vox que tuitea un vídeo de un canal de propaganda nazi

08-14-20  ruspan

US officials told the Wall Street Journal on Thursday that the US had seized four Iranian tankers on the high seas allegedly loaded with Iranian petroleum in violation of US sanctions. The four vessels are now en route to Houston, Texas, a major petroleum port.

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