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07-30-21  patient-trader

Victor, whats your favorite free cloning tool to move Windows from small disk to bigger disk? Thanks.

07-30-21  carib

The problem now in the US... is the number of brain amputees..

07-30-21  amigo-latino

_The spread of the Delta variant seems to be convincing some vaccine skeptics to reconsider getting the COVID-19 vaccine, even if that means being inoculated in secret.

According to Dr. Calvin Sun, an NYC-based emergency medicine physician, more vaccine hesitant individuals are showing up in the emergency room.

“This past week, I had a lot of anti-vaxxers come to the emergency room secretly,” Sun said on Yahoo Finance Live (video above). “Patient privacy is a wonderful thing. They ended up getting it."

07-30-21  amigo-latino

US' problem is not lack of vaccines. Lack of persons willing to take vaccines.
NYC is now offering $100 as incentive.

Problem in India is lack of enough vaccines.

07-30-21  carib

Amigo: the real criminals are those who hid or denied the gravity of Covid even after knowing the facts, starting from Xi and continuing with Trump and BoJo.
The chinese, however, went into denial only for very short time.
Trump was far worse. Modi is also a bad guy in this picture.
Vaccine temporary export bans were understandable, under the circumstances, but still bad ideas, in my opinion.
All in all, as government, China comes out as the most effective, so far, and in the private sector Pfizer Biontech and Moderna in the west are the winners.
Unfortunately nobody produced a vaccine against ignorance, stupidity, the exploitation of ignorance and stupidity and bad faith.

07-30-21  amigo-latino

At the wrong time US imposed ban. This ban led to drop in production of SII and hence led to export ban. Then a unit of SII was set up in UK to continue exports.

07-30-21  amigo-latino

Carib, the problem faced by India was unprecedented. Dead bodies were floating down the rivers.

Probably millions were dead. Up to that time SII was exporting and

Modi was donating(bot from SII and paid by India govt).

They have no choice, but to stop exporting----if not govt might have been brought down.

But they set up a unit of SII in UK, which continues to sell vaccines to international bodies.

07-30-21  carib

Amigo: if you criticize the US for banning certain exports.. one must also criticize Modi for considering doing the same.
But, in the end of the day, it is better for large countries or unions to become self-sufficient for critical medicines.

07-29-21  amigo-latino

That way Modi escapes criticism from Opposition parties of exporting vaccines when India needs them most.

07-29-21  amigo-latino

SII could not have set up a unit in UK without backdoor permission from Modi.

That way Modi escapes criticism from Opposition parties from exporting vaccines when India needs them most.

07-29-21  amigo-latino

Gates foundation did not give money to India. Gave money to Serum Institute of India(SII).

SII acts as a global producer of vaccines. SII has to produce vaccines for use by WHO.

SII has set up a unit in UK to escape any control by Indian govt.

07-29-21  carib

Amigo: I fully disagree with the export bans introduced by the US and the UK.

07-29-21  amigo-latino


India's serum institute(largest vaccine maker in the world) has license to produce Astra Zeneca vaccines. They have been producing large quantities until Biden imposed a ban on exporting some raw materials needed for the vaccines. The ban set back the production of Serum Institute. I believe the ban was not very responsible and short sighted. It jolted Serum Institute and India.

Apart from Serum Institute, Bharat Biotech has been producing locally developed Covaxin. It is well received in India, after initial hesitation. Production is low for now.

in India, 3-4 private sector vaccines are under trial.

One vaccine can be administered via skin without a needle.

07-29-21  carib

Amigo: I fully agree on the last part, and also agree Covid vaccines should be made available at a price very close to cost, and even donated to very poor countries.
There has been no attempt to market Pfizer and Moderna at exorbitant prices (but there was an attempt by the general in charge of health in Brasil to get a commission on that for personal benefit)
There is no reason to remove IP rights under this conditions.
India is a very large producer of medicines. It should also become producer of patents.

07-29-21  amigo-latino

Wealthy countries might consider buying the vaccines at a low price from vaccine patent rights owner and supply to poor countries at a zero price or very low price.

India has plans to supply large quantities of vaccines to poor countries at a low price or zero price(they had been doing that before they had a massive covid problem in India---DR received free Covid vaccines from India) when vaccines production goes up.

Covid problem is a global problem. Not a country specific problem.

Everybody in the world needs to be vaccinated for eventual eliminating of the problem.

07-29-21  carib

no, they are not.
is something preventing Ambani from investing 20 billion dollars in vaccine research rather than having to ask the Gates fundation?
no, there is not.
India has plenty wealthy people, plenty intelligent people, just needs to put her act together.

07-29-21  amigo-latino

Are intellectual property rights of vaccines preventing Somalia from vaccinating its people?

07-29-21  spal

Carib - true.

07-29-21  carib

Sharing vaccines and IP rights are two different matters.
It is a complicated issue, and it is very possible Bill Gates is right.

07-29-21  spal

Bill Gates spoke out against sharing COVID vaccine technology


Big mistake.

You can not sustain - as he has - that this is somehow a global existential threat and then NOT be in favor of sharing the research and the IP.

This is known as craven hypocrisy. Time to shoot this guy up and out of our atmosphere in one Bezo's toy rockets.

07-29-21  amigo-latino

_American billionaire Bill Gates spoke out against sharing COVID vaccine technology with developing countries just days before the Biden administration announced support for India's proposal to waive intellectual property rights for coronavirus vaccines. His remarks subsequently provoked ire in India, which is battling a second deadly wave of COVID.

Days after American billionaire Bill Gates said in an interview that he would not be willing to share COVID-19 vaccine patents or IP rights with developing countries like India, his philanthropy organisation has come out out with a contradictory statement.

CEO of the Gates Foundation Mark Suzman has released a statement saying that no barriers should stand in the way of equitable access to vaccines.

"The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been working urgently since January 2020 with a range of partners to help COVID-19 vaccines reach as many people as possible, as quickly as possible. Today, with the heartbreaking surges in India and Brazil, and the lack of vaccines across African countries, it is clear there's much more to be done", said Suzman.
"No barriers should stand in the way of equitable access to vaccines, including intellectual property, which is why we are supportive of a narrow waiver during the pandemic. Those negotiations will occur via the WTO process, led by country negotiators", he stated.

?Suzman's statement is seen as an attempt at damage control that Bill Gates's position has brought about in India and around the globe. _

07-29-21  paxwax

This is the function of Google Maps which shows everywhere you've been. How can we disactivate it?

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