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10-18-19  carib

A Boeing test pilot said he had unknowingly lied to US regulators about the safety of the 737 Max well before the aircraft was involved in two fatal accidents, an admission the Federal Aviation Administration said was withheld during its investigation into the crashes.

The text messages from Mark Forkner, reportedly Boeing’s chief test pilot for the 737 Max, said the aircraft’s anti-stall system — a focus of investigations into the crashes that killed 346 people — was “running rampant” on a simulator.

“[T]he plane is trimming itself like craxy [sic],” Mr Forkner wrote in messages seen by the Financial Times. “[G]ranted, I suck at flying, but even this was egregious.”

10-18-19  amigo-latino


10-18-19  Alex

Have to assist pax, Berlin Hauptstadt der DDR was well maintained. Terrible were Dresden, Leipzig etcetc.

10-18-19  Alex

We have 10°c and rain + 4 cats.

No chance for snakes.

10-17-19  amigo-latino

Colores, watch out: you may have a visitor tonight when you are deep asleep.

10-17-19  ruspan

"Glorification of the German Democratic Republic is on the rise two decades after the Berlin Wall fell. Young people and the better off are among those rebuffing criticism of East Germany as an "illegitimate state." In a new poll, more than half of former eastern Germans defend the GDR."

:-) Old news, do not know ther present numbers, after soo many years and people dead.

10-17-19  paxwax

When the Berlin Wall came down, we were shocked at the terrible condition of housing and nearly everything else in East Berlin. We were interviewing East Berliners for a Spanish newspaper.
The difference with West Berlin was truly dramatic.

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